Education Investment Trends & BMO Back to School Conference 2019

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Susan Wolford, Vice Chair of BMO Capital Markets, joins Todd Hand of Knowledge Leaders to discuss the trends in education investment and the 2019 BMO Back to School Conference.

Learn more in this episode of the Knowledge Leaders Podcast, hosted by Todd Hand.

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Podcast Transcript Excerpt

Todd Hand:  The 19th Annual BMO Back to School Conference. What can people who are attending expect this year?

Susan Wolford: This year again we’ll have about a hundred companies present. The format is we have four tracks. Two of the tracks are reserved for public companies as well as for larger, privately-held companies. So that’s two tracks.

The other two tracks are very interesting. They’re full of panels that will put together five CEOs moderated by someone who usually knows something about that sector and they’ll talk about the leading themes and opportunities in the sector at the moment. Great content. This is a conference I think really does have great content.

The mission of the conference is to present real, inside views around thematic investment opportunities. The target market [includes] investors, either private or public, lenders, VCs. The target market is not the marketing guys or other people at the organization. It really is around talk to us about the themes that will drive investment-making decisions.

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