Retained Executive Search for the Knowledge Economy

Knowledge Leaders offers an innovative retained executive search service for private equity, technology and education. The sectors we cater to include For-Profit Education Services, EdTech, Software, Digital Media, eCommerce and more. We connect the leaders who are transforming how the world now learns.


The Knowledge Leaders Network

Knowledge Leaders isn’t yesterday’s executive search firm.

Technology and education was born out of innovation and problem-solving from the brightest leaders of our time, and we believe the search for the right leader requires a similar standard of excellence.

Knowledge Leaders is built on a foundation of strong connections formed with the most influential figures in private equity, technology and education over the past 20+ years. Facilitating executive searches during the two most impactful decades in the evolution of technology and education has contributed to our effective approach to retained executive search.

So when we provide you with boutique services for finding and connecting with the most impactful leaders for your company, you know you’re dealing with a firm that has high standards.

Organizations & Investors

Find the Right Leader in Technology or Education

When you hire a leader in for-profit education or technology, you can’t settle for mediocre. In one of the fastest-growing industries, you need someone with an edge to lead your company into the spotlight of innovation and success.

This is why we don’t just place emphasis on finding a leader with the “right” skill set or personality.

We hire leaders who also have acquired the specific knowledge through their past experiences that will help your company flourish for years to come––a Knowledge Leader.

Executive Search Resources

Get Industry Insight for Technology & Education

At Knowledge Leaders, we understand that knowledge sharing and accessibility is paramount to advancing our world. And naturally, we create a gravitational pull of the people who are transforming the way information is delivered, absorbed and applied.

This is why we curate original podcast interviews, videos, events and other updates pertaining to the technology and education landscapes for you to enjoy. We invite you to share in these resources with the hope that you might benefit from the knowledge of other industry leaders like you.

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