About Our Executive Search Firm

Knowledge Leaders is the #1 authority on hiring within technology and education.

We connect companies and investors to the brightest leaders relevant to their needs in private equity, technology and education, while serving as a hub of original content with insights for companies passionate about hiring top talent.


As technology and education continues to evolve, so will the needs of organizations and investors who want access to knowledge.

Whether it’s for hiring executives or connecting with other leaders who have shared similar goals or challenges, our mission is to help the world advance by connecting the best and the brightest.


Knowledge Leaders was founded by one of the top figures in the executive search industry for technology and education, Todd Hand.

Having facilitated strong connections for the most established leaders that led to unequivocal advancements in technology over the past 20+ years, it became apparent how other leaders could benefit from similar ties.

This led to the founding of Knowledge Leaders, the premier executive search firm for education and technology leaders who need access to highly-relevant information and people to help their companies succeed.

Our Commitment to People

Knowledge Leaders is committed to honoring diversity and equality for all.

We continuously strive to increase the number of searches we fill with female leaders and other minority groups, because honoring diversity in leadership roles is important to us and our clients.