BMO Back To School Conference 2019: Recap & Discussion

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2019 back to school conference recap

Last week, in New York City, hundreds of educational, knowledge and workforce leaders – from investors to educators to executives – attended the Annual BMO Capital Markets Back To School Conference. Knowledge Leaders’ own Todd Hand and April Sarraille were in attendance with the who’s who of the education industry. After 19 years of success, this years’ event was nothing short of exceptional.

Some of education’s best and brightest were in attendance circulating their thoughts and ideas. Whether it was during a panel discussion, an on-stage interview, or in the hallways, there was never a moment where information wasn’t being shared. 

A hot button topic in the hallways, and here at Knowledge Leaders, is the hyper-competitive candidate market. For the past 10 or so years, the market has only been on the incline. But unfortunately, what goes up must come down. With the economy likely to contract, the thought leaders and needle-mover executives will need to plan accordingly for their next career moves. Robust resumes, differentiated skill sets, and networking with the right people are among some of the must-have advantages. 

Events such as BMO’s Back to School Conference allow leaders to meet and mingle with like-minded, and not so like-minded, individuals to explore forward-thinking ideas and opinions. To teach and learn at the same time.

It’s often said that being a CEO is a lonely job – the only sympathizers being other CEOs. BMO does a fantastic job of bringing together these executives in a non-competitive setting, with one goal in mind: bettering the education system. 

Whether you believe that the US market is over-valued and will shortly see a significant contraction, growth is slowing. How should executives prepare to ensure personal and company growth? What implications and adjustments should top leaders make in managing their likely next career move? What can you do to ensure you are poised for the economic boost fade?

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