Interview with Deborah Quazzo

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Deborah Quazzo, Managing Partner and Co-Founder of GSV AcceleraTE Fund, discusses how GSV AcceleraTE makes an impact in the learning and talent sectors, as well as how to maximize your time at ASU GSV Summit 2019.

Learn more in this episode of the Knowledge Leaders Podcast, hosted by Todd Hand.

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Podcast Transcript Excerpt

Todd Hand: How does GSV AcceleraTE make an impact in the learning and talent sectors?

Deborah Quazzo: We really do like to look at it–and we always have looked at for the 20 plus years that I’ve been doing this–as pre K to grade spectrum of learning and talent innovation.

We, through the GSV AcceleraTE fund, which we just made our first investment through the second fund, in a company called Fairygodboss. We looked back at early stage companies and great entrepreneurs who are building high impact companies. So whether that’s Fairygodboss or whether that’s Course Hero or whether that’s Class Dojo or Remind or Coursera or Degreed, we’re here to be partners to get to provide the fuel–the early stage fuel–for great entrepreneurs and to be partners with them as they scale businesses.

That’s our mantra at the fund. That was our mantra in our advisory business. It still is in our advisory business today. And the thought leadership and research work we’ve done for the last two decades.

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