Interview with Sean Gallagher on Higher Education and Talent Strategy

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Sean Gallagher, Executive Director & Executive Professor of Educational Policy at Northeastern University, discusses the role of educational credentials in 2019 and beyond.

Talent is at the top of C-suite agendas. Sean shares what a nationwide survey of HR executives found on how employers are making hiring decisions, in this episode of the Knowledge Leaders Podcast, hosted by Todd Hand.

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Podcast Transcript Excerpt

Todd Hand: What is one of the most surprising results from the survey that you were really shocked to learn from the 700 plus HR Executives in the country?

Sean Gallagher: I was most surprised by the momentum that skills-based or competency-based hiring has. This is something we knew was a trend, and we also knew going in that maybe 25-30% of employers are engaged in any sort of talent analytics.

But when you asked specifically, “Do you have an effort underway or are you considering de-emphasizing the degree in your hiring process?”…it was a fairly large percentage of employers that are actively investigating that.

And that’s why I think we’re really at a key inflection point today, is seeing, “Okay, do we have more employers begin to focus on alternative credentials, or the use of data, in ways that will stand in for or challenge the degree?”

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