The Financial and Infrastructural Impacts on The Early Childhood Education Sector

By August 25, 2020No Comments

In the light of the recent changes brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic, Todd welcomes David Evans and George Bernstein to the Knowledge Leaders Podcast to discuss the financial and infrastructural impacts on child care businesses.

A lot of parents are trying to find a viable solution for their children’s wellbeing, whilst maintaining their ability to work from home.

David Evans is involved with Child Development Schools. He reflects on the current state of child care, and points out the differences from the retail sector. In childcare businesses, teachers, parents and investors have always prioritised the safety and wellbeing of the children above profits. David assesses how a successful childcare business can function whilst taking parents’ newfound work-at-home lifestyle into Account.

George Bernstein is the former CEO of Nobel Learning Communities. George discusses the best approach to investment in a general sense, but particularly in navigating 2020’s unpredictable market and environment.

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