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Q4 2019 Knowledge Leaders Hiring Index

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For-Profit Education Hiring Trends

The Knowledge Leaders Hiring Index provides insight into which for-profit education sectors are growing, as well as which executive roles are most in-demand by for-profit education companies. The data is based on inbound inquiries to our executive search firm. Read the Q3 2019 Knowledge Leaders Hiring Index

Q4 2019 Executive Search Data: For-Profit Education

What types of executive roles are for-profit education companies hiring for?  

1. Revenue-Producing Roles

According to hiring data from Knowledge Leaders, 55% of executive searches in the for-profit education industry were for revenue-producing roles in Q4 2019, this is an increase of 12% from last quarter.

This includes titles such as Chief Revenue Officer (CRO), Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), Chief Sales Officer (CSO) and VP Business Development.

2. Chief Executive Officers

In Q4 2019, the role of Chief Executive Officer (CEO) accounted for nearly 30% of executive hiring needs within for-profit education companies, according to Knowledge Leaders’ hiring stats, a decrease of 6% from Q3 2019.

3. Other and Product/Technology

Hiring data from Knowledge Leaders shows that Product and Technology roles made up 5% of executive searches in Q4 of 2019, this is a 5% increase from Q3 2019. Other roles, which includes human resources, operations, and finance roles, made up 10% of executive searches in Q4 2019, an 11% decrease from the previous quarter.

Key Insights

  • In Q4 2019, an increase of 12% for revenue-producing roles shows growth in the for-profit education industry
  • A decrease of 6% in CEO roles in Q4 2019, signals strength of the current CEO’s sitting in their roles

Are for-profit education companies creating new executive positions, or are they replacing current leaders in their organization?

The Knowledge Leaders Hiring Index shows 50% of for-profit education company executive hiring needs are for replacement positions, while 50% are for newly-created positions, this is unchanged from Q3 2019.

Key Insights

  • Newly-created positions in for-profit education show growth in the company and industry.
  • While new positions signal for-profit education industry growth, replacement positions are noteworthy. As long as companies are hiring, whether it’s a new position or not, there is growth in the market. 
  • This sector remains unchanged from Q3.

What types of for-profit education companies are hiring executives?

1. Education Technology

Education technology (EdTech) companies accounted for 65% of for-profit education executive-level search needs in Q4 2019, as per Knowledge Leaders’ hiring data, which is a 22% increase from Q3 2019.

2. Training, Certification & Adult Learning

In Q4 2019, learning organizations that provide training, certification and continuing education programs for adults accounted for 30% of hiring service needs within the for-profit education industry, a 6% decrease from the previous quarter.

3. For-Profit Schools

5% of for-profit education company hiring requests were made by for-profit schools in Q4 2019, a 16% decrease.

Key Insights

  • With the progression of technology and new forms of media, education technology will most likely have growth for the foreseeable future, this can be confirmed with the 16% increase in executive searches for EdTech companies in Q4 2019.
  • Training, Certification, and Adult Learning makes up 30% of the companies seeking to hire, a decrease from the previous quarter. The presence of this sector in hiring shows a continuing need for adult education and reflects an older demographic of potential students seeking further education. 

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