What to Expect at LearnLaunch 2020 with Jean Eddy and Annabel Cellini

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Todd Hand discusses the upcoming LearnLaunch Across Boundaries conference with members of ASA, Jean Eddy, and Annabel Cellini, sponsors of this year’s event. For more information about LearnLaunch and to register, please go to

Jean Eddy, President & CEO, and Annabel Cellini, Chief Strategy Officer, discuss what to expect at this year’s conference and why ASA has chosen to sponsor this event. Eddy and Cellini also describe how ASA has been helping students through their unique ‘direct-to-kid’ approach, and what they refer to as an informal learning opportunity.

Learn more in this episode of the Knowledge Leaders Podcast, hosted by Todd Hand.

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Podcast Transcript Excerpts:

Todd Hand: What can people expect who will be attending January 30th and 31st?

Annabell Cellini: From ASA, some of the things that we’re really excited about is we’ve been able to work very closely with the LearnLaunch planning team to create and curate a number of really exciting sessions. One of my observations coming into ASA was that as an organization we’ve done some really exciting work, very fast, with partners with school districts and as Jean says, direct to kid and what the conference track has allowed us to do is to bring some of those partners, bring some of those speakers to talk about the work that doing in practice and we’re really excited about that because when we have the opportunity to go into a classroom or to work directly with organizations that are supporting kids, we get really excited to see what’s going on and we just saw this is a wonderful opportunity to kind of showcase some of the things that get us up in the morning and excited about fulfilling our mission.

Jean Eddy: And just to piggy-back on that. One of the exciting aspects of this is well in addition to the panels that Annabel is talking about. There’s a particular panel where we’re talking about meeting kids where they are, which is basically on their cell phones and how we are doing our direct to kid approach using cell phones, and having them use social media. And what’s interesting about being able to go to LearnLaunch is that there are other companies within the space who are delving into that area as well and how can we learn from each other and making sure that we can have a rich vibrant environment that allows kids to be able to get the things they need. Again, directly in a one-on-one through Youtube, Facebook etcetera. So I’m very very interested in how that conversation is going to play out

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For more information regarding LearnLaunch, and to register, go to

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