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Apply for the Role of VP of Marketing for Dreamscape Learn

By May 6, 2024May 17th, 2024Featured, Searches

The Company

Dreamscape Learn is reinventing the education experience by merging immersive technology, advanced pedagogy, and cinematic narrative. Borne out of a partnership between Walter Parkes (writer and/or producer of 40+ feature films and co-founder of Dreamworks Motion Pictures with Steven Spielberg) and Arizona State University, Dreamscape Learn has developed an entirely new medium for curriculum that engages and motivates students like nothing in the classroom ever has.

Dreamscape Learn’s immersive learning platform renders students as full-body avatars in extraordinarily lifelike 3D/VR environments where they become the heroes of cinematically stunning and emotionally engaging stories that compel them to master deep and complex concepts in service of their missions. Imagine if your first day of chemistry class found you piloting a turbo-copter through the foothills of the Himalayas where you have been summoned to solve an urgent problem: the animals on a local farm have suddenly become very ill. Your initial tests indicate these animals are suffering from arsenic poisoning, but why? Soon you realize the river flowing down the valley toward the village below must be carrying the arsenic, and your mission for the next 3 weeks is to identify the source of the arsenic and design a chemical treatment that will remove it before the spring monsoons arrive and increase the flow of the poisonous water to the village!

That is how introductory chemistry goes in a school using Dreamscape Learn.

Even in its earliest implementations, this novel approach to STEM education has demonstrated an astonishing impact on student success. Students at ASU, where these programs have been incubated, piloted, and thoroughly tested were 1.7 times as likely to get an A in lab, and the vast achievement gap that has persisted in the past between the highest and lowest performing demographic groups has virtually vanished. Dreamscape Learn is proving that all students can succeed in quantitatively rigorous STEM courses if the curriculum is structured in a way that engages them emotionally and motivates them intensely to do the work.

The Opportunity

Dreamscape Learn is seeking a marketer who can tell the story of this extraordinary new way to teach and learn. If you are an exceptionally talented brand message developer – someone who knows how to distill a value proposition, a corporate identity, a brand to its elemental essence, we want to meet you. This position requires deft attention to nuance in positioning the company and its products. Dreamscape Learn is a rapid growth enterprise still in an early enough stage that its brand expression remains raw and in need of refinement across everything from web presence to social media presence to product packaging to sales materials.

Primary responsibilities:

  • Establish a thorough, coherent and effective brand style guide including visual identity; language; lead messages and value statements.
  • Oversee the development of sales, marketing and product materials imbued with the elements in that brand guide.
  • As the first senior marketing executive in the company, you will also oversee the development of the marketing function for the immediate future, including staffing, processes, and interactions with outside agencies whether contracted for one-off projects or for ongoing campaigns.
  • Revamp the Website: Transform our online presence into a captivating destination that reflects our brand essence and resonates with our audience.
  • Craft compelling sales and partnership materials: From eye-catching brochures to persuasive presentations, you will outfit our sales and partnership initiatives with compelling, persuasive collateral.
  • Develop multi-channel campaigns that generate broad awareness of Dreamscape Learn’s extraordinary products and unprecedented impact on student success.

Ideal Candidate

We’re on a quest to find the ideal full-stack marketer – someone who’s equal parts creative genius, story-teller, and strategic mastermind. You should be:

  • A proven manager and builder with an emphasis on brand identity, messaging, and positioning, ideally with substantial experience in enterprise SaaS contexts
  • At least somewhat familiar with the dynamics of education markets, especially instructional materials categories
  • Someone who knows how to design a marketing organization and oversee its work with discipline and judgment
  • A roll-up-your sleeves do-er who embraces deep engagement in the day-to-day work as much as you do its executive direction and oversight
  • Extremely tasteful and attentive to nuance in the use of language and visual design to convey corporate and product messaging
  • Detail-oriented, innovative, perceptive, persuasive, collaborative, independent, hard-working, and self-motivated

Candidates for this role must reside in the Los Angeles Area

Learn More

The Knowledge Leaders search process is thorough and includes a written assessment, multiple interviews (phone, video, and recorded), and professional reference checking. After all, our mission is to transform education by recruiting the best world leaders.

Submit your resume to Tasha White at Knowledge Leaders.

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